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Conway Acres

2038 Lee Road 137

Auburn, Alabama 36832

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The following are rules that we feel you should know before you begin to look for a home in our park. There are several pages to our Rules and Regulations and it will be your responsibility to pick up a copy of them should you decide   to purchase a home in our park.


1.         Anyone interested in purchasing a home in Conway Acres Mobile Home Park must complete a tenant application form, pay a $25 application fee, and receive approval from Conway Acres management before they can purchase a home to stay in our park. This application process will involve a credit & background check. Any home sold without following these procedures will not be allowed to remain in the park. SEE PAGE 4 FOR FORMS
Mobile homes that are thirty (30) years old or older must move when sold. Mobile homes that sell for less than $8,500.00 must be moved from the park.   A  notarized bill of sale must be presented to the office at the time the lot deposit is paid.

2.         Rentals are not allowed in our park.  Tenants must be immediate family members only.

We do not allow owner financing. We consider this the same as renting and will not allow the home to stay in our park.

3.         Lot rent  is $180.00 per month and includes sewage and trash. We require a $250.00 lot deposit. 

4.         The tenant is responsible for the upkeep of the lot ( Mowing, Weedeating, Raking, Etc.).

5.         We allow only two (2) dogs or cats per lot.  Some lots are not allowed fences. Dogs are not allowed to be tied up in our park.  Small dog pens are not allowed.

6.         Loud music or parties that disturb others will not be allowed in our park.

7.         The speed limit in the park is 15 mph on paved roads and 10 mph on gravel roads.

8.         New owners must bring in their notarized"Bill Of Sale" & pay their deposit to receive the "New Owner's Packet" which includes the full set of rules & regulations, as well as, the registration form.
Anyone living in the home MUST be registered in the office. Anyone failing to register will not be allowed to keep the home in our park.

9.       The phone numbers for all utility companies are available in our office..


Please feel free to call or stop by our office  for a full set of our rules or if you have any questions concerning our park.




John & Sheri Todd





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